Mindfulness Tools 5 Day Intensive Programme

Mindfulness Tools for living with greater ease, joy, depth, resilience and balance

The Center for Mindfulness (CFM), University of Massachusetts Medical School offer a 5-Day Mindfulness Tools Residential Intensive Programme in Ireland.

This Programme is based on the world renowned 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR) developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the CFM, University of Massachusetts Medical School, over 35 years ago.

The programme is highly participatory, supportive, and structured and is open to anyone who would like to invest 5 days to learning new ways to enhance wellbeing and live life with more peace and calm.


Programme Overview:

  • Guided instruction in a variety of mindfulness practices both formal and informal as a foundation for the cultivation of positive health behaviours
  • A clear understanding of what Mindfulness is and how to integrate it into daily life in a variety of ways
  • Mindful body movement with gentle stretching and mindful yoga
  • An understanding of what gives rise to stress with the emphasis on developing coping strategies
  • Group dialogue and mindful communication with the emphasis of cultivating flexibility in dealing with challenging situations
  • The approach supports the learning, strengthening and integration of a range of mindfulness based self-regulatory skills
  • Learning a life skill to help reduce stress and deal with anxiety more effectively
  • Intentionally experiencing what it means to live in the present moment with awareness

The Mindfulness Tools Programme consists of 5 days (38.5 hours) of direct instruction. It is strongly recommended that you take it as a residential course, so that you may fully immerse yourself in this programme.

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