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Why it’s hard to live in the present moment

Why is it so difficult to properly enjoy what’s right in front of us? And why are so many events easier to enjoy or savor after they’ve happened?

We edit out the bad parts. The brain is a great editor, sifting through our experiences to construct meaningful narratives. Then there’s anxiety – we edit that out too shifting it to the next moment. Our minds wander. Despite our best efforts we find ourselves planning our next holiday or thinking of chores to be done.

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Mindfulness can give you the edge at work

Work is expending effort, usually to accomplish something, to meet an objective. Whether you work for love or for money or, if you are fortunate, for both at the same time, you want your efforts to be worthwhile.

This is why mindfulness—the objective observation of whatever is occurring—is a core capability at the foundation of a successful, fulfilling career, and of optimal performance in anything that we do. When you apply mindfulness to work, you give those efforts meaning and become more engaged, more attuned… Read more from

When we use mindfulness to get rid of stress, are we no longer being mindful?

Stress is bad. Ease is good. And mindfulness is about shifting from the former to the later, but are we still being mindful? Eric Langshur and Nate Kemp wrote an interesting piece for on being with stressful moments rather than avoiding them, introducing us to practice re imagining stressful moments with Notice-Shift-Rewire process.

Let the experience of stress be your reminder to Notice what is happening here and now. Notice the sensations that accompany stress and see if you can even notice the part of you that favours the pleasurable experience of ease over the discomfort of stress. Try to catch yourself in this mind state of stress aversion… read more

Fit a daily Mindful Walk into your routine

Take a break and boost your mood when you fit a daily mindful walk into your routine.

Walking meditation gives us an opportunity to gather our awareness which so often becomes distracted or even stuck when the mind is left to its own devices. Whether moving between floors of a building, on a city street, or in the woods, it is an opportunity to guide ourselves out of the distracted autopilot we live in throughout so much of our day.

On any walk, hike or run, or other physical activity, without effort we may mentally check out—or we can practice awareness instead. Take a look at this 10 minute mindful walking meditation… Read more

Mindfulness in Schools – a Lifeline for Teens

Stress, anxiety, drugs, murder, suicide—and teens. It’s the stuff of front-page news, viral YouTube videos, and TV dramas.

Yet for Fiona Jensen in Cotuit, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, it hit way too close to home. Read How one mother’s vision to help her daughter and daughter’s friends with anxiety turned into a mindfulness program that’s been taught to 15,000 kids in eight school districts.

Fiona Jensen certainly didn’t need to read the latest study about the impact of stress on teens: her daughter and her friends were a living, breathing testament to it… Read more

Can Meditation Stimulate Creativity?

Studies say that it can, but which style of meditation is best for stimulating creativity? Lorenza Colzato, a Dutch cognitive psychologist carried out studies on the subject in 2012. Her research team had a small group of novices practice two forms of mindfulness meditation: 1) open-monitoring, which involves observing and noting phenomena in the present moment and keeping attention flexible and unrestricted, and 2) focused attention, which stresses concentrating on a single object, such as breathing, and ignoring other stimuli. Then, after each meditation session, the subjects underwent tests to determine their ability to perform a range of cognitive skills… Read More

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