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Centre for Mindfulness Ireland once again welcomes the world renowned teachers of Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School (CFM UMass) to Ireland in October 2016.

“Building further on our close relationship with CFM UMass, and their commitment to offering Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Professional Teacher Trainings in Ireland, we are pleased to announce an MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine 7 Day Professional Training  being held here in October 2016. CFM UMass is the birthplace of MBSR and offers the highest standards for Professional Teacher Trainings throughout the world.

At Centre for Mindfulness Ireland we host the CFM UMass Education and Professional Teacher Training Programmes which attract participants from around the globe. Our most recent training in February last attracted people from 26 countries.” Anne Twohig, a faculty member and teacher trainer with CFM UMass.

Learn more about the Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training here

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Will mindfulness be another passing management fad? – There has been a chorus of recent articles touting the benefits of mindfulness at work. But have they really distinguished between fact and fad, science from ideology, and the risks versus the benefits with regards to mindfulness at work? Part One addresses how the corporate mindfulness movement draws from the dubious discipline of “management science,” which historically has been a political endeavor to secure and legitimate the interests of corporations… Read More


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Your brain is regularly inhibited by aversion, apprehension, greed, and fear. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn explains how you can combat these feelings with mindfulness excercises to become a better, more reasonable person.  

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